Our systems are an excellent solution to solar shading. They have the capability to block unwanted solar gain during peak hours and open the façade during the off-peak hours. Through clever orientation and control they can allow natural light to enter while blocking direct sun rays.

All our systems have sealing around the perimeter to allow for an airtight and watertight façade. This makes them an ideal solution for double skin facades offering unparalleled thermal insulation. They can also act as a rainscreen to the building.

All systems are engineered to allow installation within the building structure or on the outside where the cladding resides. As standard these façade shading systems can be cladded with natural wood, GRP, Glass, Fiber Cement, Ceramic, Perforated Metal Sheets, Aluminum blades and ACP creating seamless integration with the building cladding material.

When installed with aluminum slats they look and behave like typical shading louvers.